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What do you do with the soils you have no use for?

Soil, an irreplaceable natural capital

Soil is one of the largest carbon reservoirs on the planet, with a carbon storage potential of 6 billions tonnes. It hosts and shelters almost a quarter of the terrestrial’s biodiversity.

Yet 1,000 billion hectares of land are degraded worldwide. decarbonises your business by unlocking the (hidden) potential of your soil. supports you from the initial design of your carbon sink project to the full development of your natural capital. your solution

A ready-to-use platform to enhance your natural capital

  • 01. Assess your land assets to quickly see the potential of your carbon sink project.

  • 02. Monitor the impact of your projects with your dedicated dashboards.

  • 03. Design your nature-based solutions to sequester carbon through plant and soil action.

  • 04. Find and secure the green and ethically sound funding you are eligible for.


Assess your land assets

Discover the potential of your land assets through our automated diagnosis. centralises your natural capital data in a single interface. We use satellite data and on-site measurements to map your stocks and your potential for carbon optimisation.


Build your solutions

Build your tailor-made strategy to maximise your natural capital. identifies the nature-based solutions that fit your business and identifies the best suppliers. Our expertise allows us to offer you the most appropriate solutions for your project.


Monitor the impact of your projects

Have an overall and holistic overview of your project thanks to carbon, biodiversity and social impact indicators. develops your dynamic monitoring tables that meet the regulatory requirements of your sector of activity.


Identify and secure your funding

Discover the green and ethical funding your natural capital is eligible for. helps you to obtain them by developing your applications. Our knowledge of the sector allows us to achieve your funding targets for the development of your carbon sinks.

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